Friday, April 8, 2011

Should I run a game set here?

Check out his website for other funny pop culture charts.


  1. That pretty much looks like my game world right there. lol

    I am not joking as much as you may think I am.

  2. I believe you, BA. I'd love to run a game in a world like this.

    "Man, the monsters here in Moria are too tough. Let's catch a boat to Florin and see what's happening there."

    "And we can stop by Hyrule on the way and resupply on boomerangs."

    "But then we'd have to cross Terabithia... Do you know what kinds of monsters there are there?"

    It'd be awesome.

  3. You are so making me want to resurrect my Oz campaign. Sooo much fun!

  4. Aren't most role-playing worlds similar patchworks - at least the ones used in home games, if not the published ones? Basic/Expert D&D's Mystara certainly seems to be - and I think the Rifts setting is a science-fiction version.

    PS Discworld and the Hyborian Age are two examples of similar worlds in fiction. I wonder if it's significant that both come from series rather than from a single book?

  5. A lot that I've seen are indeed patchworks, but many of them seem to be fantasized analogues of real world nations (as Howard did with the Hyborian Age). Mystara, Greyhawk, and to an extent the Forgotten Realms do as well.

    But few seem to riff off of other fantasy works (possibly for the very good reason of copyright infringement issues).

    Stephen King's Dark Tower multiverse seems to be one that does rip off other fantasy works, although several of them are other works by King himself...

  6. I love crazy mash-ups like this. I'd choose a gonzo setting over a super realistic one anyday. I pity the Who that wanders across the border into Mordor.

  7. Terabithia is filled with children who are suffering from significant mental issues and not receiving any treatment for said issues. BEWARE!!

  8. That is the Best Campaign Map EVER!!