Monday, January 18, 2010

Shake Up!

Got a pair of emails on Saturday.

The first was from Alex, with details of how to create characters for a Heroes Unlimited game (he's decided he'd rather run that instead of RIFTS). It's nice, because it gives a general rundown of the options, and what exactly we'd need to read. He also suggested we look it over, email him a concept, and he'd suggest some powers and skills to make it work, since he knows all this stuff better than we do. Cool.

Second email was from Josh. He'd been out drinking with Alex and Dave, and they decided that Josh would quit DMing, and Alex will take over full-time rather than just running a session or two to give Josh time to prepare. Josh is gearing up to move back to Canada and attend grad school in the fall, so he doesn't really have the time, especially with gripes being levied after each session.

So just as I was really starting to kick some ass with my Fighter, the game's over.

On the up-side, I've got a few cool ideas for superhero characters.

And tomorrow night I'll be running my Classic game at the normal board game meetup.

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