Monday, January 4, 2010

Is someone gonna revoke my old-school credentials for this?

Yes, yet another 3E game was played yesterday. And I'm still waiting for a chance to run my Classic game again.

Well, at the board game meeting last week, I broke out HeroClix, and they weren't a resounding success, but some people want to give it another go tomorrow. So maybe next week I'll get to DM Classic once more. We'll see.

In the meantime, since yesterday was the last day of the winter vacation, we played Josh's 3.5/2E hybrid game again.

We're still wandering through the caves, trying to find the secret exit into the evil city, and just barely scraping by without getting our asses kicked. We had fewer problems this game, although there was a lot more out of character chatter going on, and Josh allowed us a bit more OOC time to plan strategies and tactics which he had been trying to curtail before.

Alex decided he'll keep trying his Rogue for now, and maybe think about multiclassing to Ranger when we level up again. I also noticed he had done his point-buy for abilities wrong, so he could have a higher Dex and Int, and maybe be a bit more effective. Still, there were plenty of places for his character to shine this time, with plenty of traps and some good opportunities to Sneak Attack.

I got shut down a bit, by giant spiders shooting webs at me every round, which I had to keep breaking out of, but since I'd been rocking hard last session I wasn't complaining. I'm likely gonna take some Barbarian levels after this, to further my melee badassness.

Pat's still pretty content with his Fighter/Archer, looking to stick with Fighter to max out the bow feats.

Dave both rolled up a new Wizard, but then decided to give his Paladin, now with a level of Cleric, another shot, and played that character all session. I don't know for sure what he'll do next session--the giant spiders were also keeping him from doing much in that last combat--but he did get a nice magic sword. Still waiting for one for me--Josh had actually thought I'd take that sword, but it's a longsword and I'm proficient/focused/specialized in bastard sword, so I'm not gonna give up 3 feats worth of effectiveness for that!

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