Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, Josh ended up having an argument with Dave about how Dave was planning to run Conan, and Dave basically said he didn't want Josh to play in his game. Josh can be difficult, often on purpose, but he did say he would bow out if the rest of us wanted to play.

Well, when Alex had blown up at Josh because of the way the 3E game was going, I drew my line in the sand. Any more of these personality clashes messing up the game and I was out.

So I'm out. My wife is happy that I'll be around every Saturday evening, instead of gaming ever other. And that's worth it for me. I'd rather have her happy than have her unhappy about me attending some games that I'm not happy playing in. And we've still got the week day board game nights.

On the plus side, after a night playing Twilight Imperium, I mentioned that I might bring Star Frontiers to the board game night sometime instead of Classic D&D. Got a positive response from Josh and Alex, and Pat seems to just go with the flow. So now I've got to go through all those old adventures from when I was a kid and see which ones I think I'd like to run the guys, and maybe the Korean ladies, through.

Good thing about Star Frontiers--it really works well as a short, episodic game. Yeah, you can do long campaigns as well, but back in the day we saved that mostly for D&D, while SF was more of a grab back of different types of play--usually inspired by whatever SF/war/Western/action movie we'd just seen, or video game we'd just played.


  1. That's too bad about all the conflict/BS. Star Frontiers sounds/looks like a lot of fun. I have yet to try it out.

  2. Yeah, well, that happens. We've got too many strong personalities, and Josh was DMing for the first time in a system he'd never played, but myself and most of the others had DMed. It led to lots of little problems, that just escalated.

    In fact, now that I've just called it quits, and Pat said he was ready to let it go as well, everyone else seems relieved. We'll focus on the board/card games for a while, and I'll give SF a go and see how it goes over.