Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Retiring the campaign

 I went back to the West Marches campaign last weekend. It was not very satisfying. The characters are in the mid-level range, and I'm starting to feel the down-side of the West Marches format. The conceit is that there's always more to explore beyond the edge of the explored map, with greater challenges and bigger rewards the further you push. It's basically a megadungeon transposed into the wilderness. 

But some of my players have dropped recently, and of those that remain a few are giving me some headaches. One is a power gamer, pushing for more powerful magic items (not quite demanding) for his already fairly powerful PC. The other is the disorganized guy who doesn't know the rules, doesn't keep a character sheet, and just tries to BS his way through things...and keeps asking for concessions and rules changes to give his PC more power. 

Normally I could deal with those two without much trouble, but this session they were 2/3 of the party. 

And it just felt like a drag. 

After 4 years, I'm ready to put a lid on this campaign, even though there's still lots to explore. Most of the players who were interested in actually exploring have left the game (a few say they'll be back after a break, but I'm not holding my breath). 

The Star Wars game is much more satisfying, and these two players don't cause too much hassle in that game. 

Both of the problematic players are in other countries, though, and with drops in covid-19 in Korea, I may be going back to a face-to-face game soon anyway. I'll keep the Star Wars online, but my new D&D campaign will be face to face.


  1. Korea? Have I bugged you to play Online with me?

    1. Not bugged, but you did play in my Star Wars game a few years ago. You were a Gammorean bounty hunter.