Monday, March 15, 2021

Star Wars Rebels

 I finished up Clone Wars a week or so ago. I enjoyed it, although the series overall had its ups and downs. That ending, though, that was very well done. 

Today, I started in on Rebels. And since I had plenty of free time (well, I made time, I have other things I could be doing...), I'm already halfway through the first season. As you can probably tell from that, I'm liking it more than Clone Wars. Maybe it's the lack of "recaps" that aren't always recaps. Maybe it's the single through-line of a story instead of the anthology but heavily invested in a few characters style of Clone Wars. Whatever the reason, I'm wondering why I didn't watch this years ago when it was on Disney Channel. I saw the ads for it. My son was into Disney Channel, and Star Wars. But we just didn't find the time to watch. Anyway, fingers crossed the rest of the series keeps up the fun storytelling. 

It may just be the kick I need to get my Star Wars RPG game going again.

1 comment:

  1. Rebels is the best Star Wars since Empire Strikes Back.

    I wish they had continued the story of the Rebellion from this series, rather than moving in to the much weaker Resistance.