Thursday, March 5, 2020

Wacky Star Wars Theory

Random Star Wars theory hit me the other day.

The Sith was a species that died out (or was wiped out - not up on my early Galactic History) but were Dark Side Force users. They inspired the other Dark Siders to call themselves Sith.

Mandalorians were a species that were wiped out but inspired a culture that other species pick up and follow, also called Mandalorians.

Yoda, Yaddle, and the Child are a species of naturally Force sensitive creatures of unknown name.

Are they (their hidden species name) the Jedi? Did the race of natural (Light Side) users inspire the Jedi culture the way the Sith and Mandalorian species did? Only they were not quite wiped out, just very rare and long lived?

Something to think about. 


  1. Interesting theory! I thought there were some implications in Rogue One that the city on Jedha was in some way related to the origin of the Jedi, but that's not necessarily exclusive with your theory.

  2. Don't forget the Whills from Rogue One, where do they fit in?

    1. The neutral force users for those that don't remember.

    2. Also a race of ancient Force users who are (assumed to be) wiped out. I'm detecting a pattern here! :D