Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Maleable Plots for Star Wars

I'm gearing up to run Star Wars d6 again this weekend. And I'm finding that other (non Star Wars) movie plots seem to work well for at least the basic premise of an adventure. Just switch out certain characters/elements for SW themed ones and voila!

The first session was shamelessly stolen from Shaft (1971). A Hutt gangster's daughter is kidnapped, the gangster thinks the Rebels took her, but actually it was the Imperials. Hijinks ensue.

The second adventure was a combination of Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven with The Ghost and the Darkness. Mining company hires heroes to protect their operation and discover just what attacked it. It ended up being a bit different in play, which is a good thing.

Now for session three, I've got a bit more ambitious plot in mind as the start off point...but since some of the players read this blog, I'll keep it secret for now.

Like I said, though, it's been pretty easy so far to modify a movie plot to fit Star Wars. Now I need to review the Force Powers a bit more and create a few NPCs...

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