Sunday, June 14, 2015

Expanding Hidden Treasure Books

I started out Hidden Treasure Books in order to sell paper minis. Now, I'm planning on expanding into adventure modules and who knows what else? Well, actually I know what else. When I ever get Chanbara ready for publication, I'll publish in print and pdf through DrivethruRPG via Hidden Treasure Books. Same for Flying Swordsmen: Wu Xing edition, and if Paul agrees, Presidents of the Apocalypse (he's entitled to 50% of any profit on that one, so it may require its own publishing storefront so we can share the profits equally without having to figure what portion of HTB's profits is from PotA every month).

I'm already dusting off an old adventure, Under the Hillfort Ruins. I had the incomplete notes for download for free here on the blog, but since it was from my 3E days, I'm revising it for old school (BX/BECMI/LL) and finishing it up. I also plan to run my group through it next weekend and see if there are any problems in play (there weren't any 10 or however many years ago I first wrote it and used it with my old Yamanashi group).

And there are plenty more old adventures I've got lying around in files and folders on the bookshelf, or digital folders here on the computer.

Another plus, since I've been messing around with GIMP a lot lately to make the paper minis, I'm getting more proficient with it. I redid the map for Under the Hillfort Ruins, since originally I'd used a map someone put online. It was pretty darn simple to make, so expect more dungeon maps in the future as well. I know Dyson Matt Jackson, and some other bloggers make some awesome maps - don't expect that quality, at least at first. But it should be something else fun to do.

Making money (not much, but it's not about getting rich) from doing something I love? It may be just the thing to get me through the dissertation process, which is about to start this fall (fingers crossed that my adviser OKs my idea).

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