Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Basic Monsters Set 2 is coming!

This morning, before heading to work, I printed up a copy of my new paper minis offering, Basic Monsters Set 2. It looks good. So I submitted the book to Drivethru and I'm just waiting on them to approve it.  Of course, I'll update everyone once it's live.
Check out that gelatinous cube, the werewolves (regular and leader), goblinoids, giant lizards and living statues!  All these monsters and more can soon be yours!

Also, a big thanks to the handful of people who've already purchased Basic Adventurers and Basic Monsters Set 1, and the few people who paid a little something for the Free Sample. I appreciate your business, and I hope the minis help make your games more awesome.

And I'm already about halfway done with the base image files for the third Basic Monsters set. Just created the owlbear and orc chieftain today (I'm not working in alphabetical order on these). I still need to collage together a rust monster, but other than that the remaining creatures should be fairly simple (giant snakes and spiders, pixie and sprite, some high level NPCs, and a few other creatures).

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