Thursday, September 18, 2014


The references to the world of Krynn/Dragonlance campaign and related novels in the 5E materials have got me wanting to play a game set in that world.  Preferably play not run, since I don't have the time at the moment to even continue the 5E Isle of Dread game I started.

I read WAY too many Dragonlance novels as a teen, even as the quality steadily degraded.  A game set during or just post-War of the Lance that steers clear of areas the Companions went to could be a lot of fun. 

But maybe kender scare everyone away.  That's too bad, the playtest documents actually had rules for kender that made them playable without necessarily annoying the other players with kleptomania.


  1. [*ahem*, if you are referring to the weapon found in my B/X Companion, it is called a "Wyrm LANCE"]

    Never ran in a DL campaign but we were heavily into those first novels, "back in the day." The main influence it had was that halflings morphed from hobbits to kender (with regard to personality), the latter being far more suitable to the adventurous temperament with their curiosity and kleptomania (since every halfling was invariably a "halfling thief"). When WotC went that route with halflings in 3rd Edition, I wasn't terribly surprised.

    Um...that's a long way of saying, I don't think people are scared off by kender. Perhaps other aspects of the setting (a lack of clerics? Draconians? No orcs?).

  2. Don't own the BX Companion, actually. Sorry!

    I was writing tongue-in-cheek about the Kender. It's probably the railroad modules that scared most people away from the setting.

  3. @ Lord G:

    I won't hold it against you.
    : )