Monday, July 21, 2014

Games in the Planning Stage

So, reading over the 5E Basic pdf (still only about halfway through, actually), I decided to give it a try.  Since it's pretty darn close to the play test packets (I assume the NDA is no longer valid...or maybe it will be until all the core books are out, but anyway nothing in this blog post should constitute a breach), I'm going to allow options (races, classes, backgrounds, etc.) from the last open play test packet along with the stuff in Basic.

Now, for an adventure, luckily the play test packet again comes to the rescue.  We shall play...
Yep, that's right.  There's a 5E conversion of the module in there.  We used this little sandbox adventure so much as kids, I still remember lots of it by heart.  There have been a few changes in the conversion, which is a good thing.  I've been reading through it, and have some ideas for a few more.

Of course, getting this game going with the regular Saturday night crew may take a while, since I'm still not finished with reading over the rules of the game (or the module update).  And to my knowledge no one has created a character, although a few players have a few ideas.  And I need to figure out how much cash/magic they should have as starting 4th level characters.

And that's not all, folks!  One of my current private English students, an upper elementary school boy, has been asking me a lot about RPGs and how they differ from CRPGs.  So tomorrow, we're going to play a bit of Jeff Moore's Hi/Lo Heroes, with a Percy Jackson and the Olympians theme, using a One-Page Dungeon Contest entry and a couple of 5-Room Dungeons.  Assuming we make it through char-gen and rules explanations quickly, that is.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Hi-Lo Heroes; I've seen his 5x5 system before but it is too quirky for me.