Friday, June 13, 2014

Hey look, a new masthead! And ninjas!

So I did up this new masthead picture for the blog last night.

Still neck deep in final papers for grad school, but should have them done in a week or so.  I've got a summer project for one of my professors to do, but I should be back to blogging about Mentzer Basic, working on Chanbara, and hopefully getting in some actual games to blog about as well (I have been gaming, just no time to do write-ups).

Anyway, in lieu of a JOESKY tax, as I have no gaming ideas at the moment, here's a 12-step program on how to be a ninja with cute cartoons.*

*Actual results will vary.  Contact your local shinobi clan master before declaring yourself to be a ninja.  Side effects may include better health, occasional scrapes and bruises, and delusions of grandeur. 

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