Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gamma World Character Creation App?

After a quick bit of googling, I'm again reminded of how unfortunate it is that WotC named their 2010 edition of Gamma World as "4E" since it was built upon the D&D 4E rules.

I was trying to find an online generator for the 4th edition of Gamma World, published in 1992, but all the links I was getting were for the 2010 edition.

Now, the 2010 edition was fun to play, but I was hoping there was a nice simple html generator out there for quickly whipping up some NPCs or opponents for a game.

Maybe no such thing exists.  Bummer.
Art by Maurice Sendak, of course


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  2. /crushes urge to be sarcastic/

    Found that and several others. Not the game I'm looking for, that's the 7th edition of Gamma World, connected to 4E D&D. I'm looking for the true 4th edition of Gamma World.

    Thanks anyway, though.

  3. If you still care, I created a Spreadsheet that does some of the character generation.