Thursday, February 13, 2014

What's going on?

Last week, I finished up my revision of the Tricks, or special maneuvers mostly for shinobi type characters.  There are six categories: Acrobatics, Espionage/Sabotage, Infiltration/Escape, Ninjutsu (combat), Ninpo (special gear tricks), and Social Interaction.

Ninja characters have access to all of these.

Kagemusha have access to all but Ninpo, and instead get access to one category of Secrets, or magical special abilities (still need to revise those, that's the next step).

Taijutsuka (Martial Artists) get access to Acrobatics, plus combat oriented Maneuvers.

Soryo (Priests) get access to Social Interaction, plus magical Secrets.

This week, things have slowed down quite a bit on the RPG front.  My wife and I bought a new apartment and we move in next week, so lots of preparation for that.  I had a job interview last night - didn't get it, so I will keep working at the kindergarten, which is also moving to a new location at the end of the month.  Plus general end of the year class mini-concerts for parents, preparing for graduation, final evaluations of students, etc.  And it's time to get registered for my next semester of grad school.

On top of all that, I'm thinking about a short story (ninja related, since it's on my mind) that I might try to write this week or next.

If I get any more work done on Chanbara this month, I'll be sorta surprised, actually.  Either that, or the story will suck so much that I give up in frustration and go back to RPG design!


  1. Seen this wuxia rpg project?

  2. Checking it out now. Thanks for the heads up!


    Hi, I just found your blog via Tenkar. I made up a Oriental Setting very loosely inspired by Dragonfist as well. It was a great setting. Yours looks very interesting. I'll be reading it this weekend.

    1. Cool! I've bookmarked your post for future reading. Looks good.