Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Progress continues on Chanbara!

Yesterday I finished the Exploration/Interaction chapter, which included all the Skill Dice and Tricks for Shinobi (read as "cool ninja powers"), and started on the Magic chapter.

Finished the Magic chapter at work today.  Well, the first draft, anyway.  And I forced myself into brevity, which I found both productive and liberating.

There are 66 spells in the game, plus the Magic Skill Dice, the spellcasting mechanic (riffing off [or ripping off, if you prefer] of Chainmail's caster roll rather than normal Vancian magic), and a few notes on special magical conditions.  Six pages, A4.  I limited myself to no more than two lines of text for any spell description, along with one line that has name/range/duration/effect.  I figure anyone who wants super bloated "AD&D 2E and further" style rules that spell out all the individual limitations can add that part themselves.

Pretty happy with my writing today.

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