Monday, March 18, 2013

Chanbara Armor Poll Closed

Super Simple Armor is the winner.

I'll revise it.  I was thinking that I'll have two types of light armor - concealable (for the shinobi, mostly) and non-concealable.  One type each of medium and heavy armor.

Various descriptions of what each type could entail. 

I worked up the encumbrance system today.  Similar to Delta's "stones" system, I'm using vague "encumbrance units" and a PC can carry up to 1/2 their Str. score with no penalty.  Up to Str. with modest penalties to speed.  Up to double Str. at max, but severe penalties.

A full backpack, a bag of loot, a large weapon, a bulky piece of normal gear, light armor - all count as one encumbrance unit.

Medium armor counts as 2 EU.  Heavy armor is 4 EU.

Medium weapons are only 1/2 EU, and Small weapons are 1/4 EU. 

Actually, thinking about it now, that might be broken for PCs with 18 Str and overly severe for PCs with 3 Str.  Maybe I'll adjust the numbers to base 10, with bonuses and penalties for high/low Str similar to BX D&D, like this:

Str 3  Enc. 7
Str 4-5 Enc. 8
Str 6-8 Enc 9
Str 9-12 Enc 10
Str 13-15 Enc 11
Str 16-7 Enc 12
Str 18 Enc 13

One half Enc. value at no penalty, Enc. value at modest penalty, double Enc max at severe penalties.


  1. So when do you think you'll have the PDF up? Your stuff is really good.

  2. Thanks! In answer to your question, though, I have no idea.

    I've got a fairly light class load at the school where I work, but the amount of grad school readings/writing I do vary from week to week, and that takes priority.

    I'd say I'm about 1/3 through the first draft. Working on the exploration section, then magic, monsters, setting, and finally appendices left to go. Then I'll try testing out the rules a bit more than I did with Flying Swordsmen, since I was mostly cloning Dragon Fist and I knew those rules worked fairly well.

    Then revisions, editing, layout, and begging Lee to do another cover for me.

    Maybe by the end of the year? Maybe sometime next year? Who can say?

  3. I'll have time for drawing/drafting, since the FO magazine project has gone kaput. My training with the ink brush started with Lone Wolf & Cub comics :)

  4. Cool, thanks, Lee! You are awesome.

    I've got plenty of ukiyo-e public domain art culled and ready, but of course it's samurai-heavy. If you've got time and feel like donating, I could use some more ninja-centric art...