Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beast of the Week: Father Time

Here it is folks, the final one!  52 weeks, and 52 new monsters for D&D.  I'll try to get the .pdf compilation ready over my vacation (this coming week).

Anyway, for the end of the year, here's Father Time.

Father Time*
AC: -2 (22)
HD: 15+2***
Move: 120 (40)
Attacks: 1 weapon or 1 touch
Damage: by weapon+3/aging
No. Appearing: 1 (1)
Save As: F15
Morale: 10
Treasure Type: H
Alignment: Neutral
XP: 4200

Father Times are grizzled old men with long flowing beards, typically wearing somber hooded robes and carrying a scythe.*  They are only harmed by magical weapons and spells, and are immune to spells of 3rd level or less.  In combat, they may attack with their scythe or may touch a target, causing either 10-40 years of aging (as a Ghost), or 10 years of reversed aging (as a potion of longevity).  They may also use the following spells as a 15th level caster:  Haste/Slow, Dispel Magic at will, Timestop 1/Turn, Disintegrate, Teleport 3/day.  Any creature slain by aging cannot be raised by any means short of a Wish spell.  Any creature slain by reverse aging transforms into a Baby New Year, a cherub-like sprite with 1HD but similar resistances and spell powers as a Father Time.  If the Father Time is slain but the Babies New Year are not, on the next New Year's Day, one Baby transforms into a new Father Time. 

*treat as a battle axe for systems that don't have it listed and use variable weapon damage, two handed, 1d8 damage

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  1. I've got a post about Rudolph's Shiny New Year that ties into this one, but I've scheduled it for New Year's Day.