Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A hit and a miss in Ur

Last weekend, the Vaults of Ur game was on a Friday.  Unfortunately for yours truly, I had a dinner engagement with my grad school program's faculty, staff and students.  Actually, not so unfortunate since there was decent if not excellent food, free (cheap Korean) beer, and I got to sit next to and talk to some good looking classmates (just talking, no need to tell my wife on me).

Still, it looks like the session was a lot of fun.  Here's Dean's recap of events:

Two weeks ago our noble heroes stumbled out of the underdark of Ur with their lives and some strange treasure. The erudition of Yargrob Elderbob the young wizard was essential for the puzzling out of the mysterious crystal pyramids, each the size of a baby’s head. Each one could store a spell provided the user could attune himself to it. Happily the scholarly youth did so. Carolus contented himself with a new suit of plate mail who passed on his banded armour to an overjoyed Burg. Thomas the Visionary stayed behind in Fort Low, determined to master one of the crystals.
The Venerable Carolus and his newfound companions feared to reenter the passageways beneath the stockade because of the ominous daytime darkness which now perpetually shrouded it, and because the ghostly mist which they had found seemed too strong. Therefore Carolus took his friends and introduced them to the Hive. There the spider-like Great Minds informed them that the darkness was probably the result of someone tampering with a protective shrine of Law beneath the ruins of Ur. (Many embarrassed noises at that.) The erudition of Yargrob Elderbob the young wizard was essential for much of the puzzling out of the
It was further revealed that Ur had undergone ten cataclysms. The first had torn it from this plane and sent it careening through the multiverse. The last (and eighth) had returned it back to this world. During the eighth cataclysm, eight heroes arose led by magician named Lowfrick. Among them was a priest named Ider who had possessed a stone hand (and so we now know whose coffin we looted many months ago).
Our close friend in the Hive, Forager, informed us that explorers from the Hive have found a building on the underground river but were attacked by swarms of “hell men.” We undertook to exterminate this danger to the Hive and to learn more of the Vaults beneath Ur.
We took a beetle-shell canoe down the river a short way and came to a stone mausoleum with two obelisks depicting the cult of the same god of death whose image we had found many months ago in other nearby passageways. Burg the Orc and Ralex the veteran fighter muscled open the stone doors. Inside we found two three stone chambers two of which were full of burial niches. The hell creatures had torn apart all of the swathed corpses to eat them, but being chaos mutated brutes they had left numerous small treasures.
Suddenly a splash reminded the party that the canoe was unguarded. Rushing back, we were attacked by several ravening mutants and two large worms with mutated human heads. Retreating into a small room, we managed to slay all the smaller creatures despite suffering many grievous wounds. At the stone jetty once more, the party realized that the canoe had drifted downstream. The full armour of most of the party prevented swimming back to the Hive, but the cleverness and nimble clambering of Yargrob’s beetle friend passed a rope across to a nearby cave mouth which was hoped to lead back. We shall find out the next time…
So cool stuff happened, monsters were fought, loot was gained, and puzzles were solved.  I'll try hard not to miss the next session.

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