Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Luck stats?

Some people house rule in a seventh "Luck" ability score to the classic six in D&D.  Some games include Luck as one of the options.

But D&D, as published, has always had luck scores for PCs. 

They're called Saving Throws.

That's all.


  1. You are right, another reason I dislike the luck stat, or the luck point.


  2. Wisdom functions pretty much the same as a Luck score already; BRP uses POW, which again, is functionally the same. I guess it's like throwing in an Agility real point.

  3. I thought the Luck score was rolling the dice for anything.

    1. I'd say that's testing your luck. A luck score is, IMO, a set number you roll against to see if you're lucky in a certain situation.

      The result of a die roll is your current luck. The luck score tells you if that's enough luck or not to avoid a bad result.

  4. I dislike the Luck stat as well.

    Though when I am playing a Cinematic game like Buffy or Ghosts of Albion I do like Drama Points (or Hero Points or Luck Points).

  5. Flashing Blades has Luck as one of its six attributes, but I don't treat it as a metaphysical force - rather, it represents the ability to read a situation, pick up subtle clues, intuitively make connections, and so forth.

  6. I've migrated to using Charisma for luck. Charisma is how interesting and appealing you are to the gods. Thus how likely they are to intervene on your behalf Greek Olympian style. Thus, luck!