Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Last Rhagodessa

30 minute pencil sketch of a scene from our Vaults of Ur game last Saturday.  From left to right: Thidrek the Sleestak, Caradoc the Mumbler, Ripper, Rhagodessa, and Father Karl.


  1. Well done, sir. It's got a great B2 feel to it. Great teamwork by everyone except Caradoc, who seems to be taking his sweet time getting into the fray.

  2. I found setting Rhagodessae on a party of PCs proved extremely effective in the all-important evocation of genuine squick from the players, especially when the halfling was getting pulled up into their ceiling lair.

  3. Eight points of damage from the slingstone! Poked its eye out.

    Still hoping to find out where these spiders hid their web-wrapped prey. There must be at least one mithril coat on a corpse in their larder, right?

  4. What about post traumatic stress? Ever seen a close up photo of an arachnid or pseudo-spider? Imagine a giant one of those things coming at you in the dark of a cave, you'd be waking up in cold sweats for years.

    You should have to save for that