Friday, October 14, 2011

Update on my RPG developments

I've made another small change to Flying Swordsmen from the original D&D based Dragon Fist game.  Instead of the standard D&D style list of saving throw types, I've instead made each save against one of the 5 Taoist elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, Wood.  Each has a Yin/Yang association for effects that are not obviously of an elemental type, with Earth being the Chi save for spells/effects without either an element or Yin/Yang association.  I'm gonna tinker with the numbers a little bit, as well.  I think each of the four classes should be good against one type of save in particular, but I'll need to think a bit to decide which element best fits each class.  Earth (Chi) will be the save that's not so good for everyone (map to Save vs. Spells in D&D), but I don't want everyone to be best against Wood (AD&D's Poison/Paralysis/Death save).

Preliminary formatting is coming along apace.  I'm almost through with the monster section.  After that, it's treasure/rewards, then the Campaign Setting section which still needs a bit of fleshing out.  Finally, the appendices. 

In my other RPG, Presidents of the Apocalypse, Paul and I had another one of those cycles where one of us adds a bunch of stuff that complicates the game (me this time), and the other wisely cut it down again (Paul, obviously).  Paul had some good ideas, riffing off of some of my good ideas from last time, and some new simplifications that will help keep this game as the beer-and-pretzels simple silly fun game we want it to be. 

I'm gonna try to see if any of the Busan gamers are brave enough to get silly roleplaying a cyborg Ben Franklin or mutated John Quincy Adams and give this new slimmed down set a try.


  1. Sir, after perusing your posts on Presidents of the Apocalypse, I felt the need to refer you to my own creation about super powered founding fathers battling horrors in a post-apocalyptic wasteland: Badass Presidents. Link:

    I am somehow interpreting this event as a sign that we should be friends.

  2. Very cool. Similar concept, but vastly different systems. Glad to know my small group of friends aren't the only ones to come up with this cool idea for RPGs.

  3. I like the element saving throw idea.

  4. I really like the elemental saves. Your character sheet can have a cool star diagram on it!

  5. Yeah, Horray! for the saves as a stylish flavour-mechanics blend. It creates an direct incentive for players to know something about the 5 elements philosophy.