Sunday, May 26, 2024


My Star Wars game yesterday went really well. I had not only Richard (who runs Call of Cthulhu and recently started playing in my Jade game) and Randy (new to tabletop RPGs), but Philip who plays the Brash Pilot Satt Orin returned to the campaign after a hiatus. With Denis, Charles, and my son Steven, that made for six players. 

Even though two were new to the system (one new to doing this not mediated by a computer RPG system), it was easy to get them up to speed and into the game. 

The adventure was to break into a rich merchant's house on Tatooine and steal a data cube on Boonta Eve, the day of the big pod race. Twist: Jabba the Hutt has just been killed by that Rebellion leader Leia Organa and her friends. Twist 2: It's Jabba's townhouse in Mos Eisley that they're breaking into. Twist 3: Gardulla the Hutt has also sent a team to steal the cube, which has incriminating evidence on various Hutt rivals. 

It played out really well, and everyone had a blast. Things didn't go as planned, but they worked out in the end. And some player input created some fun complications that I hadn't thought of in advance.

After the game, Steven was really pumped up. He had a lot of fun in the session, saying that it felt like they were actually in a Star Wars movie during this one. We had a discussion about it, and he's conflicted about whether he likes D&D or Star Wars d6 better. He's full of plans to spend the large amount of cash that the party received for the mission. 

Texting with both Randy and Richard last night, they also both had a lot of fun with the game. Richard played through the solo adventure in the rulebook by himself that evening...but says he came to an untimely demise pretty quickly in it. He's considering possibly doing more with the d6 system, although it might be hard to pry him away from CoC. 

Randy had a lot of questions about my methods as a game master. Since he had only played computer RPGs before, he was really curious about how I came up with the scenario and how I managed all the details. How much was planned, how much was improv? Things like that. His mom was one of those Satanic Panic moms, so he never got to play as a kid, but now regrets that he didn't get to try RPGs until his 40s. We talked about my D&D game, too, and I sent him the TS&R Jade book to see what sorts of characters he might be interested in playing if he joins. 

I haven't heard feedback from Philip, Denis, or Charles other than a bit of post game chatting, but they said they enjoyed it a lot. 

All in all, a successful game. And I've definitely got my motivation to keep running Star Wars, when a couple months ago I was thinking I was done with it.

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