Sunday, May 14, 2023

TS&R Ruby Bestiary & Treasury now available!

 It took me longer than I thought to finally proof and edit the TS&R Ruby Bestiary & Treasury, but I got it done last night. This morning (just now), I uploaded the file to DriveThru, so you can go grab it! 

The book has most of the Classic D&D monsters you know and love, plus some creatures from other editions converted to Classic style stats, and some originals as well. Those of you who remember my old Monster of the Week feature from many years ago may recognize some of the creatures (the Sauron didn't make the final cut, but some others did), but there are some completely new ones, as well. Not only that, I've got some different takes on some of the classic creatures as well. Oh, and a few name swaps to avoid WotC lawyers and Pinkertons bothering me. 

Oh, and there are also the treasure tables, magic item lists (some new things here, too!), and the reference tables, wandering monster tables, etc. 

As with the other TS&R titles, it's pay-what-you-want so go grab it. Feel free to take it for free, but if you like it and appreciate my work, I'll always be thankful to those who decide to pay me for it. 

Treasures, Serpents & Ruins Ruby Bestiary & Treasury


  1. I don't know if they slipped past me or what, but did you include any analogs to Slaad or Modrons? Most of the other planar creatures from the SRD are there except those

  2. I didn't include either of those, but it shouldn't be too hard to convert the AD&D stats to TS&R (BX/BECMI) style stat blocks. Maybe slaad will show up in a future version of TS&R (or I could include them here on the blog), but I've never been a fan of the modrons so I doubt I'll ever include them. Sorry!

  3. No worries, it's your game! Thanks for the reply though, they are tight little games that I want to dive into more.