Monday, July 19, 2021

New Project?

 Right before bed last night, I had an idea. It may be a dumb one. We'll see. 

I've spent the past year or so tinkering with my Treasures, Serpents and Ruins house rules to get them to where I pretty much like them (a few tweaks still needed, as we play with them). And after a lot of effort to combine traditional Western and my preferred Eastern fantasy tropes into one simple set of classes/races, I was struck with the idea that I should make a second edition of Flying Swordsmen that is completely compatible with Chanbara. That way I'll have samurai/ninja action as well as Hong Kong style kung fu/wuxia action in one integrated rule set. 

Of course, would it be worth my time to make a completely new game, or just the player facing rules as a supplement to Chanbara? The latter is much easier and more likely to be completed. I added a lot of monsters and spells from FS already into Chanbara, so just adding some rules for martial arts classes Chanbara style might be enough.


  1. How about a new combo game: "Flying Swordsmen of Chanbara?"
    : )

  2. That's pretty much what TSR-East was an attempt at, before it got mushed into my "normal" TSR house rules. Except without the special abilities/special dice of Chanbara, or the mix-and-match martial arts abilities/special dice of Flying Swordsmen.

    And "chanbara" is a genre, not a place. But I know what you mean.

  3. Hey Gwydion I'm Mad Monk from 3rd edition and Green Ronin forums. By any chance, do you remember there was a going to be a 2nd edition for Dragon Fist? A LONG time ago?

  4. Replies
    1. Hey, it's been quite a while. I haven't really been on any gaming forums for a long time.

      I do remember the talk of a Dragon Fist 2E, but it seems like Pramas was always busy with other (paying) projects.

      Feel free to email me, dplaffey [at] gmail

  5. I would love to see a Flying Swordsmen/Chanbara RPG!

  6. If you can imagine a distilled core for the games, I'd support a release. Besides,the best movies had both ninjas and wushu masters :)