Sunday, January 3, 2021

Star Wars! Give me those Star Wars!

In the last three weeks or so, the boys and I have watched Episodes 4, 7, 8, and 9. [Plus Ender's Game -- which while watching, my six year old, upon seeing Col. Graff, commented, "He looks like Han Solo!" and he was right!]

Also, the boys have been heavily into Star Wars themed games on ROBLOX. Yesterday, asking me about various SW games on computer, I mentioned that I used to play Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds a lot. And I still have the disks. So at their urging we loaded it up and I showed it to them. 

Needless to say, they loved it and wanted to play it, too. In fact, they wanted to play it together. So I found it for sale on for $2 per copy, and got us each one. And this morning we played together. 

I set it up for all three of us to be allied against three Easy mode NPCs. My 6-year-old really enjoyed it at first, just tooling around and experimenting with building stuff and controlling his workers. My 12-year-old was busy building up his forces, but not advancing his Tech level, and when the NPCs got up to Level 3 and attacked, he was at a loss. 6yo got frustrated and rage quit (but came back a little later after he'd calmed down, and I'd sent all my forces to rescue his base). 

In the end, we won thanks to my superior hovertank/droideka/bounty hunter with some air support strategy. 

12yo spend some time this afternoon with the tutorial mode and was full of questions about strategy and tactics all evening. 6yo watched the tutorial play, and should probably do it too, with some adult supervision and guidance. 

We still need to watch Episode 1, and then Rogue 1 and Solo. 

I'm nearly through Season 2 of the Clone Wars on my lunch break viewing. In fact, I'll probably wrap it tomorrow (Monday) and go on to Season 3. Will rewatch select portions of it with the boys later. Not because there's anything in it I think they shouldn't see, just because it's the kind of show where you don't have to watch the whole thing. 

Anyway, as can be seen, Star Wars fever is strong in this household. [And my boys have a healthy critical eye to J.J.'s work as it compares to that of Favreau/Filoni.]


  1. If anyone's wondering, we've now watched Ep. 1 and also Rogue One. Only Solo left to watch. And I'm nearly through Season 3 of Clone Wars.

    Today, though, we watched Captain Marvel, as it was a hole in their MCU viewing (they were in the USA when it came out, and I was in Korea).