Monday, July 13, 2020

Alignment in TSR-East

Work continues apace on my TSR-East rules, or me once more trying to make a set of OA type rules that I want to play. The TSR-East rules are meant to compliment my Treasures, Serpents, and Ruins house rules for BX/BECMI style play.

Today I realized I hadn't put in any suggestions for alignment in my player facing rules. So I added this:


Lawful characters seek to uphold the ideals of civilization, humanity, culture, and conformity. They treat others as befits their station. Extremists actively try to exert their beliefs on others.

Neutral characters have no strong tendency towards Law or Chaos, and are primarily self-motivated. They may be swayed to one side or the other for brief periods. Extremists try to actively uphold the balance between Law and Chaos.

Chaotic characters value freedom and individuality above all else. They treat others as means to their ends. Extremists actively seek to overthrow society.


  1. Hi, not sure how to contact you but would you be open to a DCC version of Flying Swordsmen?

    1. Flying Swordsmen is OGL, so go for it! No permission needed.

    2. Thanks! If you'd like to take a look at my 1st draft, it's here:

    3. My six year old is in my face so I can't look at it in detail yet, but it looks good at first glance!

      Please add Flying Swordsmen to the Copyright section as required by the OGL. Thanks!

  2. These are the best parametres for Alignments I have ever seen. Having three simple Alignments each with a sliding bar works so much better and avoids so many more arguments than the more rigid Great Wheel. It accommodates a wide range of playstyles and personalities.