Saturday, July 13, 2019

Rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation

I finished Stranger Things season 3, and got back to watching old episodes of Star Trek on Netflix. I'd watched the first 3 (the 2-part pilot and the one where they all get 'drunk' and Data & Yar get it on) a few months ago, and for the past few days I've been watching more. It's interesting to see how in the first few episodes, the planet scenery was very evocative of TOS planet sets, but even just 7 episodes in, they've already improved the sets and effects.

The scripts are so far hit or miss. I think it probably will remain so for this season. I'd forgotten that the Ferengi were introduce so early in the series. Quark and family were such a big part of DS9 and I hadn't seen these older TNG episodes for so long that it had completely slipped my mind that they were an early addition to this series.

Tasha Yar's death should be coming up soon. It was a real shocker when the season first aired. She was one of my favorites back then. Yes, teenage me thought she was hot. Now, I'm really finding her to be not such the compelling character. She had potential, with her background as coming from a colony that had devolved into barbarism with rape gangs, which she escaped from. But it's not delved into deeply enough, and the character gets killed off before they really can.

It's not like they've really fleshed out ANY of the characters yet, other than Picard. It's forming, I can see it, but the writers were obviously working things out as they went, trying things to see what worked, and probably the actors were interpreting the scripts in interesting ways that the writers later picked up on and rolled with.

Still, despite a few wonky scripts and some cheesy sets/effects, these early episodes are holding up fairly well in my estimation.


  1. When the series first aired, I had been superexcited at the announcement but quickly lost enthusiasm watching the final product and missed chunks of some seasons. I had next to no interest in DS-9 and similar problems with other new Trek.

    There's a channel here that shows all the Star Treks (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT) in a program block, in order, so I recently binged that way, filling in all my gaps. My discovery was that TNG, contrary to my original experience, was probably the worst of the "new" Treks. It has several of the best episodes out of all Trek, but it has a lot of the worst. too, and huge dry spells like 2nd season.

    Here's hoping the spots of good in TNG carry you through the large patches of bad and keep you reasonably entertained!

  2. Luckily, if it gets too bad, I can just stop. Or jump around. It's not like I made it a New Years Resolution to watch every episode of TNG! :D