Thursday, July 14, 2016

Got Orcs?

I've just put my newest fold-up paper minis set on, and it's all about them orcs.

Lair Pack 1: Orcs features all the orcs you need to fill up your battle mat when running adventures like the Caves of Chaos or your own orc lair dungeon. It features three orc "grunts" with sword, spear and bow respectively (14 figures each), a quartet of orc chieftains, an ogre, a troll, and a trio of wild boars.
Each mini is in its own layer on the page, with all text and formatting features in the background to save you printer ink when you only need to print a few figures.

Full disclosure, the orc with sword, orc chieftain, ogre and boar appear in my Basic Monsters series. The orc spearman, archer and troll are new. The ogre was modified, since the original in Basic Monsters printed too dark to see the details.

The best part about it? It's only $2. That's right, you can have all this orcish fun just for a mere $2. That's half the price of that Starbucks drink you've got.

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