Sunday, February 14, 2016

Stop ghouling around!

Being the continuation of the adventures of the illustrious Green Knight, Jack Summerisle (and companions various and sundry) in the mysterious Kyber Underground of the world of Eberron.

After setting sail upon the subterranean river once more, piloted by the stout Dwarven Storm-Cleric Thorvald Oakenspar, the companions found themselves out of the cavern of giant, undead mushroom-trees and into another large cavern with shuffling humanoid figures closing in on our craft. As I could detect the taint of undeath upon them, we landed our craft upon one shore and commenced to destroy them. I, along with the Outlander Orc Mahl-goth, led a charge while Oakenspar cast a spell to summon protective spirits and the indefatigable Elf Ranger Jade opened fire with his bow. I also took one down with a well-aimed shot from my crossbow before they closed to melee, and Mahl-goth, whose axe is larger than mine own, also found easy pickings among them. However, as they closed in on us, they began a fearsome moaning keen, which somehow ensorcelled myself and Mahl-goth, leaving us unable to act. Fortunately for us, Oakenspar's magic was more than a match for them, and after many died as a result of his holy weather magic, the remainder fled.

We took stock of our situation, and after a brief respite set out once again to try and find the cavern-kingdom of the ghouls, our sworn enemies. We did not find the ghouls, but a trio of undead rock elementals found us. As they attacked, our small craft was destroyed, yet through a combination of luck, skill, strength of arms and magic, we won the day. All of us being somewhat worse for wear after the encounter, it was decided that we would camp upon the shore.

In the morning, if morning it truly was in that timeless underground expanse, a strange sight came into view. It was a dwarf, apparently a merchant of sorts, riding a peculiar beast with the body of a hippo and the shell of a turtle. The fellow stopped and had tea with us, and we discussed what he had seen farther down the river. He warned us off of that direction, claiming to have lost all of his companions to the dangers ahead. We discussed what to do, and he suggested we might visit an enclave of strange gnomes nearby, or perhaps return to the rock elementals and tell them of the desecration of their kin. We thought to do both, visiting and trying to secure an alliance with the gnomes before heading back upstream to the rock-men.

On the way, we thought to do a good deed. A giant, mutated frog was attempting to eat some wee folk. After chasing it away, however, the wee folk, who we learned to be unseelee brownies, taunted us and cast harmless but annoying spells upon us. We left them be, and found the ancient crystal-studded city of the gnomes. These gnomes were a strange lot, having survived the horrors of life near the ghoul kingdom, and were suspicious at first. After telling of our tale, our plan to form an underworld alliance, and how we had faced ghouls, duergar, and other foes, they grudgingly accepted our offer of an alliance, providing we could bring other races down to aid their defense of their hold.

Now, we await our chance to return to the caverns above, to once again entreat the rock elementals to join our cause.


Yep, another session of Dean's Twisted Fairy Tale Eberron campaign, now in 5E!

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