Friday, August 14, 2015

Reply to Zach K.

Sorry persistent blog readers (all ten or so of you), this is simply a reply to a comment on a previous post, but since I've just gotten back from a month-long -- and much needed -- vacation, I'd rather not let the response go unread if Zach K. didn't sign up for email notifications.

Anyway, in response to one of my Chanbara posts last month (which was written in advance of posting), Zach K. wrote:

Hey, I'm a huge wuxia fan (less so of chanbara, but I love Kurosawa movies, and I enjoyed 13 Assassins and L5R) and I really like Flying Swordsmen's setting. I'd also like to practice my mapping abilities. Would you mind if I gave Zhongyang Dalu a whirl? Not asking for any money, of course. I'd also like to do a map of the setting of Chanbara, if you'd be okay with that.
Zach, by all means! I'd love to see what you do with the map in Flying Swordsmen (and Chanbara, when I get around to detailing that section of the campaign world a bit more.) I had a lot of fun drawing it, so I hope it's just as much fun for you to recreate in your own style.

When you get it done, I'd love to display it here.  If you want, you can contact me directly at dplaffey [at]

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