Tuesday, May 26, 2015

1000th post - Fold Up Basic Monsters!

Well, it's a milestone I probably would have reached two or three years ago if I hadn't entered grad school, and months ago if I hadn't had a second child (10 months old today!), but it's my 1,000th post here on What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse...!

And what better way to help me celebrate, than by purchasing my newest offering from Hidden Treasure Books, Basic Monsters Set 1

If you're a DM who likes to use minis, but doesn't like the bulk of carrying them around, or the time spent searching through the racks and singles bins at your FLGS, or the cost of buying lots of minis (they add up, even for inexpensive plastics like Reaper Bones), you might want to consider this! Basic Monsters Set 1 has 37 creatures from the Basic D&D monster list, from Ant, Giant to Elf. Yes, that includes the six chromatic dragons, bears, great cats, bandits and berserkers, giant bees and beetles, etc.

And it's only $5, about the price of one (human-size) metal mini. That's not bad!

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