Tuesday, February 24, 2015

One of those odds and ends posts

Last Saturday, I ran the first session of GamMarvel World.  It went fairly well, although I felt a bit rusty as DM (ran a single session of 5E Isle of Dread just before son #2 was born nigh seven months ago, had only played sporadically since then).  Justin, Dean and Jeremy rolled up some mutants and battled some creatures and found some junk to take back to their village.  And they picked up on some mysteries and hints that should keep them satisfied next adventure, too.

I've got some ideas for revising Chanbara magic.  I'm considering switching from Vancian to a spell point system.  We'll see.  I'll work out the system then post about it here.

One reason I'm considering the spell point system is the feedback I got from JB of BX Blackrazor about Flying Swordsmen.  I need to do a post that answers his follow-up questions about just what I was intending to do with FS, and why I think it failed.  As he said (and many other people said before him), there's a lot of cool stuff in the game, but when I try to run it something feels off.  And I don't know of anyone else trying to run it.  But that's a post for another day.

And I need to get another Mentzer Cover to Cover post done.

So why am I procrastinating and writing this instead of one of those topical posts?  Well, I'm just too damn busy.  I start a new job next week, teaching at a university instead of a kindergarten/elementary.  It requires some adjustment and attention from me.  Fingers crossed, I'll get to all of the above post topics (plus maybe a 5E post based on some recent G+ discussion, and maybe a post about the d20 Darwin's World game Josh is trying to get going).

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  1. Hey, I'm happy to wait for when you're less busy.

    Regarding "rust:" starting new stuff can always feel slow. Don't despair too quick!