Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Deathstars and Droids

A gaming idea.  Probably not the first to suggest this, but...

How to run a Star Wars game with OD&D, BX, BECMI or Labyrinth Lord.

Jedi = Cleric
Sith = Elf
Droid = Thief
everyone else = Fighter

Species is more or less irrelevant.  A Star Wars human is roughly the same as a Rhodian or Zabrak or Mon Calamari.

However, for especially tough, strong or large aliens like Wookiees or Gamoreans, use the Dwarf class (unless a jedi or sith).  Likewise, for small species like Jawas or Ewoks, use the Halfling class.

lightsaber = 1d10 dmg
blaster pistol = 1d6 dmg
blaster rifle = 1d8 dmg

Wing everything else.


  1. It makes sense to me, up to and including the winging. The nature of the game means all the rest can just be ruled as needed, and in this case everyone's so familiar with the world it should be no trouble getting an agreed approach. The fact it's so simple as a starting point also makes it all the easier and more tempting.

  2. This is so simple it makes me feel dumb for having never thought of it.

  3. Your basic fantasy myths are the Tauntaun's guts, aside from the dog-fighting starships. Changing SW to "hard" sci-fi or cyberpunk might be more difficult! Alas, I think the word droid is TM'd (?)

  4. I may end up expanding on the idea in the future here on the blog, but that's as far as I'm likely to take it.

    I'd probably have trouble trying to market a game with the initials D&D anyway, even if "droid" isn't trademarked.