Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rise of a Machine

In the Terminator movies, they like to say there's no fate but what we make. 

Well, what sort of fate are we making?  Over the weekend, in a new park at what used to be the U.S. army base here in Busan, we saw some guys testing a remote control drone craft with all sorts of cameras.  Blogger's not letting me upload the video.  Think the machines are worried of what I might spread?

Oh, wait, it's letting me upload the second video, of the thing landing.  

Yes, that's my son and I saying "Wow!" at the end.

It was pretty cool to watch.  I think it's the same or similar model to what is being considered for home deliveries by (if you saw those videos a few months back). 

It's a shame I can't get the first one to load.  I guess Skynet doesn't want me to show you a machine rising...

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