Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Content Posts?

Gaming content posts have been sparse around here lately.  Posts in general are down thanks to grad school and fatherhood and real life stuff, but the biggest reason has just been a lack of much to interest me game-wise.

I'm not really that interested in 5E anymore.  What they've been showing and telling on the WotC site, and general commentary around the blogs, has left me feeling like I'll skip it.  Or maybe just pick up the PHB if people in my gaming group want to play it.  Doubt I'll dive in deep with that one.

I don't have the money to be investing in the multitude of OSR Kickstarters.  So nothing to hype.

Our Saturday night Labyrinth Lord games on G+ are going well, but since I'm a player, aside from the play reports, there's not much to get my juices flowing about the game.  DMing tends to do that to me, but not playing.  As a player I just analyze things less.

And I'm kinda tired of just hyping Flying Swordsmen.  And it's been a scheduling bitch to get people to play it (mostly due to MY schedule).  Hopefully I'll be able to get some more games in over the summer though, and put out a revised edition to work out some of the kinks.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll have stuff to say about gaming styles and game systems and house rules and all that again in the future.  Just don't expect much in the coming weeks.

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