Monday, February 6, 2012

A bit more than a 15 minute work day.

We had another Pathfinder session yesterday.  Again, lots of fun.  Again, if you play or think you might play the Age of Wyrms adventure path, SPOILER ALERT!!!

This session, we had talked about meeting earlier.  The guys who run the used bookstore/cafe where we play had agreed to open early if we let them know what time we wanted to play.  But nobody took the initiative to contact them until Saturday, when I finally realized no one else would and did it.  But two people didn't realize we were starting early (one due to lack of internet access while traveling, the other due to hangover).  Jesse was away up in Seoul as well, so we didn't have our alchemist Zesser this session.

Eventually, we got started at about the time we normally plan to get started (before everyone got there, those of us who were decided to leave the dungeon, sell loot, rest up, and regroup).  This session, we had Toki the Human Sorcerer (Robbie) back again, Oxide the Warforged Fighter (Jeremy), "Red" the Half-Orc Cleric (Greg), Brother Repose the Human Cleric (Dean), and Elwood the Human Paladin (me). 

In town, lots of people had died and many more were leaving in the aftermath of the undead attack.  The garrison was depleted, the big mine operators Balabar and the dwarves were both holed up in their strongholds rather than helping defend the town.  And we got word that both Kullen the albino Half-Orc (whose goons we had taken out last session and who had nailed up the corpse of Ragnol the Dwarf our former companion in town) and a pasty, one-eyed dude (Filge the necromancer) had left town.

While everyone was off doing their thing (I bought some scrolls after healing up and making a donation to the garrison to rebuild), Oxide got jumped by monks and a sorceress who held him and stole the baby owlbear.  We considered going off track to get it back, but then decided not to and headed back to the evil temple complex below the dwarven mines.

We went back to the Hextor temple and finished exploring and looting it.  We ended up fighting some troglodyte zombies, a dire boar we didn't have to fight (it was locked in a dead end room), and the renegade tiefling who had run from us the first time.  Got a bit of gold, and the key to the Erythnul temple as well.

We continued on to the Erythnul temple, which was rough stone caverns rather than worked stone.  We basically ended up in a series of ambushes, one after another, by Grimlocks and a few other beasties.  We had to get creative in a few of these battles, which was a lot of fun for everyone - and ties in a bit to the recent "Combat as War" vs. "Combat as Sport" idea several bloggers were posting about yesterday.  I'll likely have more to say on this later.

Anyway, some notable events of the afternoon/evening were Brother Repose finally rolling above a 5 on an initiative roll, then having no idea what to do!  Dean's used to going last or second to last now, and having that time to consider his options!  Elwood managed to kill one of the Grimlocks with a rope and grappling hook - it was on a ledge and I was missing with my javelins, so after Toki cast Grease on their ledge, I hooked one and pulled it off, letting it drop to its death.  Most of us took more falling damage than combat damage, except for Red, who was the first one down the cliff and got ambushed by Chokers at the bottom, and Brother Repose who got beat up by a female Grimlock Barbarian.  Oxide was unusually quiet this session, because Jeremy wasn't drinking and was in a pretty bad mood due to some out of game bad luck, but he still managed to pull off some handy combat maneuvers.

It was pretty fun.  Brian thinks we'll need two sessions more to finish, so we'll meet again on the 19th and the 26th to finish up the campaign.

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