Sunday, January 15, 2012

With great power comes...

...a bunch of nasty rogues!

I met up with Jeremy, Adam, Greg, and new Busan Gamer Dean this afternoon to discuss our next game after the Pathfinder game wraps up.  Adam is going to run a Birthright game using 3.5.

Man, for an OSR guy, I'm not getting much old school gaming action lately.  Oh well, I DON'T have time to run a game, and I don't mind playing 3E/PF.  And if that's what Adam wants to run, that's cool.

But man, it's time consuming.  I'm taking my character concept from a now defunct PbP game on Dragonsfoot that was supposed to be a domain-level game, but never got past the supposedly fast leveling.*

So I'll be revising Sildarn Stormborn, Human Wizard.  The original was BECMI, so he was Chaotic, but I'm making him Lawful Evil for this game.  The idea originally was that he would be the Chaotic Magic-User with orc mercenaries when we got to the domain game.  My new Birthright version has Air Element affiliation as his Blood Power, so I get air elemental troops in addition to whatever followers/troops/mercenaries I might be able to afford.

We just went over character creation basics today.  We've got to roll up our main PCs, lieutenants, and then sub-PCs that can be in the courts of other leaders.  Dean's and my characters are in the same domain, so we don't need sub-PCs for each other, but that's still four 3E characters to create, plus my domain. 

It's a lot of work, but I've always enjoyed domain-level play, so I'm looking forward to this game.

*The DM spent way too much time trying to actually calculate adventures or something, from what I could tell.  He advertised it as just a few roleplaying type posts per level, but then had us scouting missions, following leads that sometimes didn't pan out, and generally doing WAY too much in order for us to have 'organic' backgrounds for our rulers.

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