Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stupid Random Shower Thought

Yesterday morning, as I was in the shower, this hit me:

In fantastically awesome (yeah, some of you are saying fantastically cheesy, that's OK, there's no accounting for taste) 80's fantasy movie Krull...

...could we possibly have an unofficial prequel to...

...Star Wars?

Well, hear me out!  Don't click that back button yet.

Think about it.  In Krull, we have this prophecy:
From the sky will come the Black Fortress. From the Fortress will come the Slayers to devour the planet of Krull. Then shall a girl of ancient name become queen...she shall choose a king...and together they shall rule the planet. And their son shall rule the galaxy.
We have Clarke's Law magic (alien technology being used on a medieval tech level world).
Yet we have an actual 'magical' power that allows the hero to move things telepathically (the glaive), resist damage (sticking his hand into lava), and control energy (the wedding flame).  More or less what the Force can do in Star Wars.

Could Palpatine be Colwyn and Lyssa's child?  Taken from them (or they fled Krull) to Naboo (not than anyone knew about Naboo, even George Lucas, back in 1983), and he eventually becomes a Dark Lord of the Sith and rules the galaxy.

Daddy could shoot fire from his hands, son could shoot lightning.

Why are you looking at the screen that way?  I told you in the title this was a stupid thought. 


  1. Still a better idea than anything in the prequel films. ;P

  2. I haven't seen Krull in over a decade (ok, ok, I will) but I went a different way than you did about the prophecy. Doesn't the "Black Fortress" from the sky devouring worlds sound an awful lot like the Death Star?

    Don't... don't know who that would make the king, queen, or their son be tho....

  3. If their child was Palpatine and became evil, I totally blame it on Ergo the Magnificent. I'd probably learn how to force choke if I had to grow up around him too.

  4. You'd think an empire with lightsaber wielders and force-ery would have a KRULL-like past. Yet, even in the Old Republic, everything is still space Western (right down to bounty hunter cowboy hats). I have no faith that even the J Carter of Mars movie will do "sword + planet" properly.

  5. Well now, that is interesting. I had never considered their son might rule the galaxy in an EVIL way! I always thought they should have made a sequel (called Beyond Krull, naturally) that told the story of their son, but I guess with your idea we can say a sequel was done after all!

  6. I've not seen Krull yet, I will have to watch it soon - and I like silly metafiction fan theories. Like my theory on how the island from LOST is actually a TARDIS...

  7. Dear Grumpy Celt,

    The LOST island is a TARDIS. ... YOU ARE A F__KING GENIUS!