Sunday, September 11, 2011

The 2 Year Curse

So, it's 9/11.  Hope nothing's been blown up in New York for the anniversary of the terror attacks.  It's also my blog's second anniversary! 

I started reading the blogs mostly through Jeff's Gameblog.  It was my gateway blog.  I'd read whatever awesome craziness Jeff had posted, then go through his blog list and read interesting titles.  And one day (just happened to be 9/11, but living overseas the date actually wasn't on my mind as anything significant), I decided to start my own.

Since then, I've rambled on about all sorts of stuff, some stupid, some serious, some funny, some antagonistic.  And I've gained a decent amount of followers.  Thanks, and I'm glad you find something of interest or use from my keyboard scribblings.

But I've got a game today.  An open table Classic D&D one-shot, using my Megadungeon.  Game starts in about 5 hours (1pm local time).  And I've got to see if I can write up some pre-packaged equipment lists to speed char-gen before my son wakes up.  So enough self promotion, back to work!


  1. Congrats on 2 years! And on getting a game in today!

  2. I know a gamer who worked for the same outfit as I - we don't know each other quite well enough to use the term "friend" - but his birthday is actually Sept 11.