Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Presidents of the Apocalypse

I haven't really been in such a great mood lately.  My radio show was canceled (next week will be my last on the air), and my wife and I are scrambling to fill in the void that loss of income will create (radio pays fairly well here in Korea).  Part of that void filling resulted in me starting a new tutoring job, teaching for 2 hours Wednesday nights.  Just got back from it a little while ago.  Fairly beat.  But I've got that itch to put something up here on the blog.

Well, enough personal woes.  We'll manage things, and maybe next season I'll get a new radio show (and hopefully one of the producers will find a spot for me once or twice a week on another show in the meantime).

When I've got nothing else to post about, I feel like posting some Brad Neely video.  This one, his famous Washington, inspired my buddies and I in the Yamanashi Group to try to make our own RPG (using Forge-y type game mechanics, but completely Stupid on the Rients scale) called Presidents of the Apocalypse.

[video NSFW but completely awesome]

Basically, you create a character based on some historical personage, roll a bunch of random abilities/items (we had three tables of silliness, Body, Mind and Tech) then went on silly adventures fighting post-apocalyptic versions of whatever (one adventure involved Shat vs. the Hoff with us choosing sides, then finding out Clarence Carter and J-Pop starlets Morning Musume were the real villains, another involved a 40'tall mecha piloted by mutated Kim Jong-Il and 80' tall Ghandi).

The game itself never really worked, but it was always fun to break it out for a night of silliness.


  1. Sad news about the show!

    That awesome game of yours sounds like Diana, Warrior Princess by Marcus Rowland -

  2. Sorry to hear about your radio troubles.
    Sounds like a great game... and I love that cartoon!

  3. That stinks that your show got cancelled. Hopefully you'll end up on another one.

    I remember looking over Presidents of the Apocalypse back when you were playing it. It had some totally awesome combinations. You captured the feel of the cartoon quite well and even turned it up a few more notches.