Friday, April 23, 2010

Shake Ups Again

Well, the Board Game Group is up to its normal convolutions. We haven't had a meet up for normal games all month, and our weekend RPG thing seems to have died again. Last Saturday we had problems scheduling, so we thought we'd shift it to this Saturday (tomorrow my time). Then we had more scheduling problems and Josh decided he'd rather go play Warhammer 40K, so Pat called off the game.

Looks like Bill is also going on vacation soon, so that leaves just me, Alex and Josh (too bad Dave and Josh had a falling out and Dave won't go anywhere if Josh is coming). Alex is interested in the Maritime Campaign, but only if there are lots of others playing. With just him and Josh, he's not interested.

Josh is interested in Star Frontiers though, and suggests we play that from time to time at the Board Game Group (which we should be getting going again next Tuesday).

On the up side, at least we don't have to play any more 4E. Pat, Alex and Bill all want to pick it up again in the fall when Pat and Bill come back, but I'm really not interested. I think I saw enough of the system to know it's not what I want out of a game. So if they get together to play, I'm gonna bow out.

Disappointing, but then while I like all of these guys, our RPG styles and expectations just fail to match. We're probably best off sticking to board and card games.

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