Hidden Treasure Books

Hidden Treasure Books is the new marketing arm of What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse...

At the moment, I've got some fold-up paper miniatures available for sale on DrivethruRPG. 
Basic Adventurers provides you with 28 figures for PCs or NPCs, covering the "Basic" classes of Cleric, Fighter, Magic-User, Thief, Dwarf, Elf and Halfling. That's four for each class; half male, half female, and with a variety of skin tones.

Now Available!: Basic Monsters
This set contains 37 monster figures, covering the first third of the "Basic" monsters. Humanoid and demi-human types come with a normal guy and a leader type. Set 2 and Set 3 are coming up over the summer months to finish out the "Basic" monster list.

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