Monday, August 2, 2010

The Uncertainties and Difficulties of the Ex-pat Gamer

So Pat will be coming back to Busan in a few weeks, and bringing with him a big box of board games of various types (actually he'll be mailing the box to me so he won't have to take it on the plane).

Steve is leaving for Europe for most of August.

Josh got accepted to grad school this fall, and will be gone in a month or so.

Chloe quit her job, and will be leaving Korea in a matter of days.

That leaves me, Dave, Pat, Steve, and Alex, plus Lucy if and when she returns from Seoul, assuming Dave doesn't find a job in Japan and leave too (any luck lately, Dave?)

We really need some new blood in the Board Game Group. Of course, finally getting ourselves a new set time and place would be necessary before we can seriously recruit some new people.

Anyway, Josh seems keen to try Chainmail, and is even willing to play the Korean side. He's got a fair amount of table top minis experience (Warhammer and 40k mostly), so that might be a good choice. That would leave Alex and Dave to play the Japanese side if they can both make it, or if only one can come they get all the Japanese. I'd be the referee, since I'd be setting up the terrain and arranging the forces for the battle. Gotta get it ready in the next week or so.

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