Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flying Swordsmen RPG players section nearly complete

I finished up the magic chapter, which means Character Creation, Martial Arts & Combat, and Magic are done. The only thing I'd add to the player section would be a page or two of the general "what is roleplaying, how do you use those funny dice, etc." stuff. Oh, and some sample characters and art, but that's a project for after the main text is done.

I'm working now on a 'how to create an adventure' section with general advice for the Game Master, as well as some nuts and bolts rules for planning and running the game. The original Dragon Fist is pretty sparse on this. I think it's time to pull out the Moldvay/Cook and Mentzer books to read through for a little refresher on what I may need to add.

After that will be a Monsters and NPCs chapter, then Magic Items. Finally will be a section with some genre conventions, sample campaigns, and recommended reading/viewing for wuxia.

Sounds simple when I write it up like that, but I'm sure it's gonna take me a while.

My wife did have the good idea the other day about checking out local college art students to see if we can get some free pictures for the game. Might be worth a shot.

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  1. Better yet, pay the art students with a copy when it's done. Maybe you'll create some RPG converts!

    Also, I think the best advice for DMs and adventure running has come out online within the last ten years as the games have been studied and broken down by fan gamers. Reading through a few choice forums/blogs might be better as a refresher than anything written back in the day (no offense to those authors.)