Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Magic Weapons? (non-ninja post)

Ninja Week will continue, even though I've been getting fewer hits this week. You aren't interested in ninja? Well, too bad. More to come.

Anyway, I've been reading through Myths and Legends of China for ideas for more monsters to put into Flying Swordsmen. And I realized there are a ton of cool magical weapons in the section on the gods.

Considering that just about anyone with a lick of fame could be turned into a god by the Chinese (and they have ranks, Immortals, Heroes, Saints, and actual gods), that means there are a ton. And they have lots of cool powers like blowing lasers out of their nostrils or belching up poisonous smoke, but quite a few of them carry magical weapons as well.

I purposely left out magical katana and, with the exception of pole arms and Sun Wu Kong's staff, other Asian weapons from my Unique Magic Weapons document.

Since it's been the most popular of the series (and I can understand why, although I really like the wands, staves and rods as well), it may be time to work on a sequel, focusing on weapons from Asian myths, from the Middle East through East Asia. Don't know if I could get 100 swords, 100 other melee weapons AND 100 missile weapon entries like the first one, but I could surely put together another list of 100 total.

That might be something to work on after I get the first draft of Flying Swordsmen finished.

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