Monday, August 30, 2010

Monmouth, IL and Seoul

Looking at my Google Analytics numbers for this blog last night, I was a bit surprised to see that there's someone in Monmouth, IL that really follows this blog closely. Since I'm originally from not too far away from Monmouth--a little tiny town called West Point, about half way between Quincy and Macomb--I'm kinda curious if it's someone I actually know or not.

I've also been getting a lot more hits from Seoul lately. This month I've gotten more hits from Seoul than from Busan. I haven't been up to Seoul for a while, but if any of you Seoul folks ever make it down to Busan and want to meet up for a pickup game or something, just let me know!


  1. Not the Monmouth guy. But I follow your blog and I was born and raised in Galesburg, IL. Not to far from your area.

  2. Not sure if I'd count as Monmouth, but it would be a pretty safe bet to assume that someone you know from that area looks at the blog. :)

  3. Maybe West Point doesn't show up on Google Analytics then. Glad to see you've been reading it.