Monday, August 23, 2010

State of Gaming

I'm at another crossroads, and Gamer ADD is starting to settle in.

Pat is back, but completely uninterested in continuing his 4E game (although he may want to create a few tactical war game scenarios using the rules, minis, battle mats, etc.). He seems to be most interested in 3E/Pathfinder, or a 2E Masque of the Red Death game, if he DMs.

Dave still wants to get that d20 Conan game going sometime. As far as play, not too sure what he's interested in, but he'll likely chime in in the comments below.

Alex is still interested in my Maritime Campaign, but the way he was playing it sapped MY fun out of it. I get the feeling anything I run isn't gonna interest him, because I don't care so much about fiddly bits and optimizing, and that's what he really likes at heart. He, obviously, still wants to run a RIFTS game, but mentioned TMNT or After the Bomb as well.

Steve, of course, is always up for board games, but won't play RPGs.

Lucy and her friends may not be joining us, I'm afraid. I get the feeling Josh was sort of the reason they came. But I may be wrong.

As for me, I'm in that terrible area where I know I should just sit down as a player and be happy. But I'd love to give my Flying Swordsmen modifications to Dragon Fist a go in actual play, I've got that megadungeon on the back burner, Star Frontiers, possibly shaking the dust off the Maritime Campaign, etc.

Of course, before any of this can happen, we need to coordinate everyone's schedules and see when we can play. I work early, everyone else pretty much works late, so weekdays are out. Weekends are tricky for me, because that's my prime time to spend with my wife and son (working three jobs will do that).

Maybe I need to branch out and try to recruit a few new players, but I'm much too lazy for that, I think. Well, if I get really desperate, it's an option.

State of Gaming: Currently nonexistent

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  1. Yes, I'm chiming.

    1) Totally down for Pat's idea of Masque. Especially if he's going to hit the Poe and get some inspiration in him.

    2) Conan is on the backburner. I stare at my screen and just don't have anything to put down. Hard to explain, but I need to restat a lot of things (I left most of my campaign notes at home), redraw locations, and re-prep other plot elements for the PCs to interact with. Vacation was only a week-and-a-half and it was actually pretty depressing, so I didn't get half of what I wanted done. Although work is sapping my strength at the moment, ironically I feel pretty good.

    3) Totally understand how one player could ruin your enjoyment of the game. Actually, you and I need to sit down over a beer or two and discuss that honestly. Does he know how you feel? I'm not going to say much at this point, especially openly--too much of what I've said got back to him, and while I don't hide any of my opinions from him and am up-front, I was repeatedly accused of talking smack behind his back. Just suffice it to say, I know how you feel about it.

    4) I could be down for megadungeon, as well as Flying Swordsmen. I'm really, really bummed by how the maritime campaign turned out. Really bummed.

    %) Regarding #2, it probably has a lot to do with #3, as well as with that post on Dark Sun I made on my blog over the weekend. Trust issues, comfort levels, etc. If I had a group I felt like I could trust implicitly, I think I'd be way more motivated to GM and get this thing going. As it is, the motivation isn't there, though the interest is.

    6) Regarding Lucy et. al. This is going to sound bad but... I actually prefer not playing with Koreans. One is the language barrier--it slows down the game. Two is the cultural difference--there are already a dozen different ways our group approaches gaming, and I feel that throwing people from a completely different culture that perceive gaming totally differently from us into the mix is only going to exacerbate that. Besides, the whole hanguk/oeguk dichotomy would also just intensify a lot of other meta-game group-dynamic issues that I'd just rather do without. Add to the fact that they're girls and, well, I feel like the treehouse just got invaded (unless the girls are geeky like Chloe).

    7) I'm always on the lookout for new potential players, but they're rare. Most people who come here aren't even remotely interested in it, and of the intelligent/intellectual folks I know, they regard gaming as childish (much to my chagrin).

    8) If we can get games running, that Momo's place might be good. Some of the staff speak English. The room can be reserved, but I don't know if we are charged for it or what. There's a Starbucks in Seomyeon with a room that might be reservable as well.