Monday, August 23, 2010

Megadungeon That Was, Level 6

And finally we get to the first section of Level 6. I had finally planned to do a larger level here, with more stuff, possibly in two locations, accessible from the lake. I'd been planning on having worked levels further down, stacked like pancakes, and also some natural caverns and some other occasional worked areas going down from there.

Never got around to drawing the other part(s) of the map.

Not sure what all was going to be in this level, except the giant room in the center was going to be an old library, with a gold dragon sage living there. Someone the players could hopefully befriend, and then use as a source of rumors, quests, or research as needed. The idea of a Gold keeping its treasure mostly as knowledge (valuable rare books, scrolls, etc.) is one I like, so I may reuse the idea.

And this is the conclusion of this little series of posts. Hope you all enjoyed the maps.

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  1. I sprinkle clues around the various rooms alluding to a square and 'the center of things', all the while the 'big treasure' is exactly in the middle of the suggested square (just north of the southern doors to #44)

    The adventurers just might walk right over it...