Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quick and Dirty, part 2

Nap time again for the little guy, so my wife and I painted up the ashigaru (light footmen). They're in two colors so they can be split between two players. The samurai, which will be heavy foot, armored foot and medium cavalry, will be painted in their own colors, but the hata (flags) will match the ashigaru colors to see which force the belong to easily.

The figures are Red Box Ashigaru (Archers and Arquebusiers) and Red Box Ashigaru (Spearmen)


  1. You made your wife paint these things with you? How could you put her through such agonizing torment! Poor Eun-kyoung. You beast!

    All jesting aside, it's actually pretty cool that she helped you. Did she have fun doing it? I imagine, given her experience having lived in Japan, that she thought this was pretty おたく of you... but then again, she's probably used to this by now. XD

  2. Actually, she needed to study for a class she's gonna take, and I told her to go ahead and study, but then she saw me working on it and said, "I'll study later." Wednesday she also helped with the Koreans. Yes, she's accepted my geekiness and can live with it.

    I was planning to paint up the rest of the samurai this afternoon, but FireHouse (the glam rock band from the 90's) are in town for the rock festival, and they'll be at the radio station this afternoon so we're gonna go see them. ;D